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Since 1998

Developing and delivering leadership programming since 1998, here are a few programs we especially loved.

This was a year-long program to address the severe nursing shortage facing Colorado. The Institute used a team approach to address the complex challenges we face in nursing. The teams consisted of diverse health care and management professionals, each with unique experiences and skills that can be employed to design innovative solutions. The teams worked closely with faculty and coaches to learn and incorporate the fundamentals of leadership, collaboration, and teamwork into a project they designed to address the nursing retention challenges within their organizations.

With primary funding from the National Institutes for Health, RIHEL worked with the University of Colorado to plan and deliver professional development workshops for senior faculty in the School of Medicine.

  • In addition to cultivating their own leadership skills, these senior faculty members are creating a highly effective program – a national model – for mentoring junior faculty protégés, with technical assistance from RIHEL.
  • RIHEL facilitated a leadership curriculum for the junior faculty as well.

RIHEL worked for three years with the Leadership Education Advocacy Development and Scholarship (LEADS) Program of the University of Colorado on two innovative programs.

  • After their first year in medical school, students received stipends to work for the summer in community programs that need help with a health advocacy project. RIHEL facilitated leadership learning for these students one day a week all summer.
  • An interdisciplinary group of post graduate clinicians invests their November elective rotation in developing their leadership and advocacy skills. RIHEL facilitated the leadership curriculum for these professionals, as well as for the postgraduate fellows of the JFK Partners–clinicians who work with children with special healthcare needs.

Cultivating Confidence, Voice and Presence

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Hidden Tribes, Beliefs, and Navigating Our Tense Political Climate. Most Americans say this is the most politically divided we have been in our lifetimes. What is driving us apart, how can we better understand these differences, and — most importantly — how can we move beyond them?

This event took place on July 19, 2019. Read more about the event here.

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