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Fuel our impact!

We’re mission-driven. 
We’re also sponsor- and donor-driven.

Put your money on a mission.

By supporting RIHEL’s leadership development work, you are contributing toward the growth and success of today’s leaders addressing some of society’s most demanding challenges.

By bringing together professionals from the health, environment, public and private sectors, RIHEL generates productive relationships and innovative solutions. 

This is why RIHEL has long been a preferred source for leadership and professional development.

RIHEL, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is incorporated in Colorado. TIN: 830-95-1901

Company Sponsors

We will proudly demonstrate your organization’s alignment with RIHEL’s mission and values. 

With well over 1,000 graduates from our comprehensive programs – and a vast leadership network of forward-thinking professionals – RIHEL is excited to financially partner with you!

 Your sponsorship provides essential financial stability.

Individual Donors

Our community of alumni, coaches, trainers and friends have helped the Institute achieve so much! 

Our trainings have proven to change lives. When it comes to how we relate to the individuals we train: we’re humbled by the depth and proud of the breadth!

Your contribution makes a difference to the people we train. 

Company Sponsorship is a Full Twelve Months!

RIHEL provides benefits for twelve months, ensuring sponsors receive all year long:




Annual Sponsors provide essential strength and stability to RIHEL programing.

Gain positive recognition and access to RIHEL’s community – thousands of professionals devoted to improving people’s health and wellness. Connect with well recognized – and newly emerging – leaders in leadership trainings as our free guest.

Annual Sponsorship is available at six levels, enabling RIHEL to collaborate with a more diverse collection of supportive organizations.

Individual Donors Make So Much Possible!

Donations from individuals - one-time or recurring - empower our work.

Sustained leadership development is crucial.

RIHEL’s network of graduates, participants and engaged public has financially sustained our leadership development programs since 1998.

The RIHEL 100 is a special group of individuals donating $100 or more in a calendar year. Committing at this level reliably provides RIHEL with funding to continually deliver exemplary leadership training to our ever-expanding community!

Join the RIHEL 100!

An annual financial goal:
200 constituents each donating $100 or more.

Contribute any amount!

We put every dollar to work!
Donate at a level you choose.

Current RIHEL Sponsors

We thank our inaugural participants in our revised Sponsor Program!

Recent RIHEL Sponsors

As we promote our current Sponsorship Campaign, we are pleased to acknowledge sponsors from our recent past.

Past RIHEL 100 Donors

The RIHEL 100 since 2020 will be updated soon.

Donate to RIHEL

$25 buys complete program notebooks for two leadership program participants.
$70 buys an emotional intelligence assessment for a leadership program participant.
$100 buys healthy snacks for one day at a leadership program session.
$400 buys RIHEL’s survey software for the whole year.
$1,000 buys staff travel to all events for a year.
RIHEL seeks 200 stakeholders to contribute $100 or more! RIHEL squeezes every dollar, so your contribution goes far!
Donate $100 or more and join the RIHEL 100!


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