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A nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Colorado. Donate $100 or More and Join the RIHEL 100 Campaign!

RIHEL Sponsors

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Annual Sponsorship of RIHEL

Annual Sponsors provide essential financial strength to RIHEL and receive benefits for a full twelve-months. Receive visibility and access to our entire community – thousands of professionals devoted to improving people’s health and wellness. Connect with recognized and new leaders in select leadership trainings as you engage as our free guest.
Annual Sponsorship is available at four levels, enabling RIHEL to collaborate with a more diverse collection of supportive organizations.

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsors advance specific RIHEL leadership programming and receive targeted exposure to a focused gathering of professionals. Annual events available for sponsorship include RIHEL’s flagship ALTP; our popular LIFE event; and our new Autumn Gathering & Reunion.

Individual Donations

RIHEL’s network of program graduates, training participants and the engaged public has financially sustained our high-quality leadership development programs since 1998.

RIHEL 100 is a special group of individuals donating $100 or more in a year. Committing at this level reliably provides RIHEL with funding to continually deliver exemplary leadership training to our ever-growing community!

Past RIHEL 100 Donors

Donate to RIHEL

Support the Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership in continuing to provide quality leadership training
and development in the Rocky Mountain region.
$25 buys complete program notebooks for two leadership program participants.
$70 buys an emotional intelligence assessment for a leadership program participant.
$100 buys healthy snacks for one day at a leadership program session.
$400 buys RIHEL’s survey software for the whole year.
$1,000 buys staff travel to all events for a year.
RIHEL seeks 200 stakeholders to contribute $100 or more! RIHEL squeezes every dollar, so your contribution goes far!
Donate $100 or More and Join the RIHEL 100 Campaign!


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