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Coaching Workshops

RIHEL delivers Coaching Workshops regularly to diverse groups. 

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Introduction to Coaching

This workshop explores fundamental coaching skills and practices that can be used for coaching or in everyday interactions to improve communications, foster new thinking, and produce meaningful outcomes. We distinguish how coaching is different from other support roles such as mentoring, managing and consulting, and discuss the benefits of coaching, especially for those who lead or manage others. The workshop emphasizes core coaching skills that heavily influence communication and relationship efficacy: listening, asking, and encouraging. Through group discussion, we will identify listening best practices, and the nature of powerful questions. The workshop also introduces the “GEM” coaching model for how to frame and phrase questions powerfully to elicit insight, discovery, new thinking, and new pathways for action and results.

Workshop participants have the opportunity to observe a coaching demonstration, practice using coaching skills and the “GEM” coaching model, and receive constructive peer feedback to build and strengthen their coaching competencies. In addition, each participant creates a personal plan for incorporating and implementing these coaching practices in their lives.

What Our Attendees Have to Say

"This workshop was fun and full of great information. I took it to expand my professional portfolio and think this is a wonderful way to gain a new skill and learn to be a good leader in the workplace.”

– December 2020 Attendee

“This was a very informative and helpful training, with lots of opportunities to practice the learned skills in the moment!”

– December 2020 Attendee

Profile Picture of Leanne.

Instructor: Leanne Jeffers, MPH, PCC

Program Director, Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership

Leanne Jeffers, MPH, PCC is the Director of Coaching Services and the Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD) Program at the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL). For over 30 years, Leanne has worked in the health and public health sectors, with an emphasis on professional development, coaching, healthy community design, community health, and health promotion. Leanne earned her Master of Public Health from the University of California Los Angeles, her Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation and is a graduate of both the National Public Health Leadership Institute and the RIHEL Advanced Leadership Training Program.

As the Director of RIHEL’s Coaching Services, Leanne manages the coaching programs within RIHEL’s comprehensive leadership programs, oversees RIHEL’s personal coaching services, and directs the Coaching Academy, an accredited coach training program. Since 2000, she has been coaching individuals and groups and training others to be peer and professional coaches.

Additionally, Leanne is a core faculty member for RIHEL’s comprehensive leadership programs and a lead RIHEL trainer, delivering a variety of workshops for organizations and professional associations around the U.S. She is a a certified facilitator of The Leadership Challenge Workshop, and a certified administrator for both the EQ-i 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment and the Influence Style Indicator. Leanne also offers mental fitness training and coaching through the Positive Intelligence (PQ) framework.

Since starting with RIHEL in 2003, Leanne has also managed the RIHEL Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP), coordinated Emergency Preparedness training for public and environmental health professionals, and provided training, facilitation and coaching to build professional and community capacity in the area of healthy community design. Leanne served on the Denver Regional Council of Governments Metro Vision Planning Advisory Committee for two years (2012-2014), was on the Governing Board of Directors for WalkDenver for five years (2015 – 2019; Chair 2017-2019) and is serving her second year as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee with the Colorado Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Questions Regarding Coaching Workshops or registration process?

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