Personal Coaching

RIHEL personal coaching services now available!

RIHEL personal coaching services now available!

RIHEL personal coaching offers you an opportunity to work one-on-one with a RIHEL coach to support you in achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. As your personal strategic thinking partner, through focused dialogue and inquiry, RIHEL coaches can help you gain new awareness and insights, clarify your goals, explore options and outcomes, anticipate potential barriers, identify supportive resources, create powerful action plans and build accountability structures for success. In this confidential, client-focused and client-driven environment, your coach ensures that you are in the driver’s seat, choosing your priorities and pathways forward. People who have worked with RIHEL coaches commonly report experiencing increased self-confidence, improved communication skills and relationships, increased productivity, and more satisfactory work-life integration.

If you’re ready to take on your next challenge, get unstuck from current circumstances, transition to something new, uncover and break free from what’s holding you back, clarify a future that inspires and motivates you, tap into hidden strengths and new skills, or simply explore ways to boost your happiness and satisfaction, then you’re ready for coaching.

How it Works

  • One-on-One coaching sessions between you and a RIHEL coach (typically 1 hour each)
  • Coaching takes place by videoconference (e.g. Zoom) or by phone
  • Sessions are scheduled at a frequency determined together by you and your coach (typically bi-weekly and not less than 1x/month)

How to Get Started

  • Explore our team of coaches
  • Identify your top 1-3 coaches and submit your request for personal coaching form
  • RIHEL staff will connect you with your top three coaches so that you can meet with them for an introductory "chemistry" session to determine which coach you’d like to work with
  • Schedule your first session with your coach where you will establish your Coaching Agreement, get further acquainted, and clarify your goals and desired outcomes through coaching
Meet the RIHEL Coaches

Meet the RIHEL Coaches

We have a growing and rotating team of RIHEL coaches. All our coaches are either certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or have completed an ICF approved coach training program (ACTP or ACSTH). Learn about the members of our current coaching team.

(Photo: ALTP 2019 RIHEL Coaches)

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Pricing and Coaching Packages


  • Initial Coaching Package: 6 sessions; $900
  • Individual sessions: $150/session


  • Initial Coaching Package: 4 sessions; $400
  • Individual Sessions: $100/session

*Please inquire through the contact form below for a non-profit rate, if applicable.

**These rates are available to graduates of RIHEL's comprehensive leadership programs: the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP), the Advanced Physicians Leadership Program (APLP), Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD), Primary Care Movers and Changers (PCMAC), and Leadership for Resilience.


If you have any questions about RIHEL Personal Coaching Services, please use the form below to contact us. This message will be sent directly to a staff member. (PLEASE NOTE: submitting this form does NOT complete a request for personal coaching. This is a separate form.)

Leanne Jeffers
Director of Coaching Services