Jeff Lara

Interim Division Director-Public Health Division, New Mexico Department of Health
Term ends: 12-31-23

Jeff Lara is the Interim Director of the Public Health Division of the New Mexico Department of Health, and Deputy Division Director for Regions. Jeff has immersed himself as a Public Health advocate for over 25 years in the great state of New Mexico. Jeff has served in multiple leadership roles within the New Mexico Department of Health for 17 years. Currently, he provides the Public Health Division strategic leadership, direction and management. He oversees Public Health programming statewide and implements Public Health activities across the state for 52 local public health offices. Most recent activities have included coordinating COVID-19 response which includes testing, case investigations, contact tracing, pharmacy activities and developing a plan for COVID-19 immunization.

Jeff is a 2004 graduate of the Advanced Leadership Training Program. He gained useful tools from the program that he incorporated into his daily work habits. Jeff enjoys working in his community to make a difference in the lives of people. He is also a football fanatic cheering on his team to victory. Go Chiefs!