Six Folks in our RIHEL Family Receive Awards!


The 2013 Public Health in the Rockies Conference, a shared endeavor of the Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA), Colorado Society for Public Health Education (COSOPHE), and the Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado (PHNAC) in Breckenridge awarded “Gold Nuggets of Public Health” to six RIHEL faculty, board members, and alumni of the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP) for their impact on the field of public health in Colorado. We are so proud of the work and outstanding examples of leadership each of the award winners demonstrates.

award-carl-larsonCarl Larson, RIHEL faculty member, received the Sabin Award given by CPHA for achievement in public health by someone not employed full time in public health. Carl received this award for his commitment to developing health and environmental leaders throughout Colorado as a RIHEL faculty member.

award-lorenzoLorenzo Olivas, former RIHEL Board Member, was the inaugural recipient of the Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Health Equity given by CPHA, PHNAC and COSOPHE to individuals, organizations and/or teams engaged in efforts to advance the understanding of health equity, health disparities, social determinants of health and greater access and opportunities for communities throughout Colorado. Lorenzo received this award for his work as a significant advocate for health equity as the Minority Health Consultant for the US Department of Health and Human Services in Region VIII.

award-jeannie-nicholsonJeanne Nicholson, current board member of the Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment (as of April 2018, known as Trailhead Institute; RIHEL’s former parent organization as of June 2018), received the Award for Legislative Excellence given by CPHA to someone who has been highly visible in efforts within Colorado in support of public health issues. Jeanne received this award for her steadfast dedication to raising and defending public health issues while servicing as a Colorado State Senator and previously as a County Commissioner.

award-kris-wenzelKris Wenzel, alumna ALTP Class of 2012, was awarded the CPHA Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring an individual who was, but is no longer employed full time in public health for their outstanding contributions and leadership in the field of public health. Kris received this award for her lifetime commitment to the development of future nurses, medicine and public health professionals as the Director of the Central Colorado AHEC. Kris passed away on August 2, 2013, her husband and daughter received the award in her honor.

award-dan-hendershottDan Hendershott, alumnus ALTP Class of 2012, received the award for Technical Innovation in Public Health given by CPHA to someone who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of physical sciences. Dan received this award for his creation and ongoing development of Myth Busters, a locally produced show expelling common public and environmental health myths. Myth Busters was also Dan’s ALTP Leadership Project.

award-carol-mcdonald2Carol McDonald, alumna ALTP Class of 2005, received the PHNAC Award for Excellence given to a public health nurse who has made outstanding contributions in the field of public health and public health nursing over a period of several years and has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to take public health nursing into the future. Carol received this award for her fostering of future public health nurses through working with students and continued dedication to public health nursing practice and professional development.

These examples of leadership are all motivators to each of us as we tackle the issues of public and environmental health through the region. For more information about each of the awards and award recipients check out the brochure from the event.