RIHEL Graduates and Friends Support PHNAC Winter Conference

rita-beam-phnac2014In the early part of each year, the Public Health Nursing Association of Colorado (PHNAC) holds an annual conference to educate and train public health nurses from across Colorado. This past February 19-20, PHNAC held their 2014 Annual Winter Conference for more than 80 public health nurses and other public health professionals at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in Englewood, Colorado. We are pleased to acknowledge the RIHEL graduates and friends who contributed to this successful conference:

  • alix-hopkins-phnac2014RIHEL gradutes Carol McDonald (the current president of PHNAC), Rita Beam, Penny Grande, and Alix Hopkins all participated in the conference planning committee.
  • Aaron Templer, a newly engaged RIHEL faculty member, was selected as a keynote and closing speaker. Given the 2014 conference theme, Public Health Nurses – Partners for Change, the planning committee selected Aaron Templer to address the issue of leading change in tumultuous times. Aaron’s presentation focused on Values Based Leadership as a means for leading change. His demonstrations and real-life examples brought the principles to life and engaged participants throughout the presentation. penny-grande-phnac2014Aaron’s closing session focused on how to tell a story to compel people to follow you. Using real stories told by nurses in the room, he was able to truly demonstrate the power of personal stories.
  • Several RIHEL graduates demonstrated their leadership prowess as session presenters:
    • Dawn James presented on public health nursing competencies.
    • Lynn Trefren presented on the new work of the Immunization Section at CDPHE.
    • Suzuho Shimasaki presented on using health equity in public health nursing practice.
    • kim-boyd-phnac2014Kim Boyd presented on the use of conflict and change in public health nursing practice

Bravo to all of you! We applaud your leadership and contributions to public health nursing in Colorado, and are proud to have you as a part of the RIHEL family.