PCMAC Program Expenses

Value of the Program

There is no tuition charge for the PCMAC program. The actual cost to deliver this program is approximately $10,000 per person, although for-profit programs around the country with equivalent contact hours and equivalently qualified faculty can cost twice this amount.

Cost to the Participants

The PCMAC training events are held on weekends so that with mindful scheduling there should be no opportunity cost (lost worktime) for the clinicians who participate or for their organizations. Participants will need to travel to the training events, and such travel normally can incur costs. However, for each three-day training event, each participant will be given a $250 stipend to defray any out-of-pocket costs associated with participation, such as fuel, car rental, additional hotel overnight if needed, overnight child care, etc., as needed. The goal is to eliminate any financial barrier to participation in the program.

Participants will need to purchase a book of their choice (on leadership), and maintain internet connection to RIHEL during their year in PCMAC.

Health Professional Loan Repayment

Clinicians who are currently beneficiaries in the loan repayment programs managed by the Primary Care Office of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment who participate in PCMAC will be eligible for $1,000 in additional loan repayment upon successful completion of their advocacy actions and the leadership training. For more information, please see https://www.rihel.org/programs-training-and-events/primary-care-movers-and-changers/pcmac-loan-repayment-opportunities/.