LHCD Program Requirements

LHCD 2.0 for 2017-2018

This year, the LHCD program is being integrated into and offered in conjunction with RIHEL’s flagship program the Advanced Leadership Training Program. This means that participants in LHCD are also participants in ALTP. Given this integration, every individual who wishes to participate in the LHCD program must complete the following two application elements by April 30th June 26th:

  1. The online ALTP application
  2. The LHCD application addendum

PLEASE NOTE: We are requesting that people apply as part of a three-member team (see program requirements below).
Approximately three teams will be accepted into the Class of 2018.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams
For the Class of 2018, we are requesting that participants apply and attend as a three-member team. We may accept two-member teams or individuals, but preference will be given to three-member teams. Each person on the team must represent a different discipline or interest related to healthy community design (e.g. urban planning, transportation planning, engineering, public health, environmental health, parks and recreation, law enforcement, school systems, elected office, food systems, bicycle or pedestrian advocacy, etc.).

Geographically-Based Teams
Each team must be anchored in and represent a specific geographic location in Colorado. The team’s leadership project must also be directed at or take place in the same geographic area. This location may be self-defined by the team and may represent a neighborhood, city, county, region, etc.

Time Commitment
Participants must commit the time required to complete assignments and participate in all of the training, coaching and technical assistance sessions:

  • The on-site events occur at various venues in Colorado and New Mexico, and will be held in August, October, January and May (see LHCD program schedule).
  • The online workshops will take place in September, November, December, February, March and April.
  • Assignments between sessions include reading, online videos, self-assessments, on-line discussion, and development and implementation of the team leadership project .
  • From November through April, each team will meet with their respective technical adviser (for a total of no more than 30 hours), who will then support them as they develop and implement their team leadership project.
  • From October through May, each participant will meet monthly with their peer coach, either in-person or by phone, to support their personal leadership development.

Employer Support
Participants are required to have the active and demonstrable support of their employers for this time commitment in the form of time-off from work to participate in the on-site events. (Many employers will also support the program tuition and associated expenses of the fellows.) The concurrence of a cognizant supervisor is required on the application.

Technology Resources
Fellows must have access to the hardware and software to participate in distance learning. The program cannot assume any costs for the computer and communication systems used by the fellows.

Call 303-871-3550 with any questions about the Leadership for Healthy Community Design program or submit them in the contact form below.