LHCD Application

lhcdappThe Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD-2.0) program is accepting applications for the Class of 2017-2018. This year, the LHCD program is being integrated into and offered in conjunction with RIHEL’s flagship program the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP). This means that participants in LHCD are also participants in ALTP, but with additional LHCD-specific training sessions (~24 hours) above and beyond the core 60 hours provided in ALTP.

Only complete applications will be considered and reviewed. Members of a team must also apply to and be individually accepted in the ALTP. Factors that weigh significantly on the selection of LHCD teams include the quality of the team essays, and adherence to the multi-disciplinary criteria for team composition. Teams will also be selected to achieve a diverse class cohort reflecting different professional disciplines or interest areas, community cultures, locations in Colorado, types of geographic communities, and community design issues or topics (per the team initiative/project).

March 20, 2017LHCD Application Process Open
April 30, JUNE 26, 2017 by 11:59pmApplications Due
June 5 July 7, 2017Notification regarding application status
July 7 July 14, 2017Program Start Date – Materials distributed to Fellows
August 16, 2017 at 10:00amStart of First Training Session (see the complete program schedule)

All applicants will receive notification of the receipt of their LHCD application addendum within 24-48 hours. If selected, it is anticipated that applicants will participate in the program. The tuition is payable upon acceptance into the program and due by July 31st.


Applications to the Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD-2.0) program may be made online.

  1. Please download and follow the LHCD Application Instructions and Checklist
  2. Complete the application to the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP). Please NOTE that the regular application period has ended, but an extension has been granted, and those applying to LHCD-2.0 will be allowed access to the online application process.
  3. Complete the online LHCD Team Application Addendum – click on the blue “Attendee Information” button to complete your Addendum.
Applications Due April 30th JUNE 26th
Call 303-871-3550 with any questions about the Leadership for Healthy Community Design program or submit them in the contact form below.