Leadership for Healthy Community Design

The intention of the Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD) program is to improve the health of people and the environment by building the capacity of Colorado communities to lead, plan and execute healthy community design initiatives or projects.

The LHCD program brings together multiple geographically-based community teams from around Colorado to develop their leadership capacity and explore practical applications of healthy community design. Each community team includes members who each represent a different discipline or interest area related to healthy community design (e.g. urban planning, transportation planning, public works engineering, public health, environmental health, parks and recreation, law enforcement, school systems, food systems, elected office, etc.). The overall program includes several in-person multi-day retreat training sessions, online workshops, assignments between sessions, a 360 degree assessment of personal leadership behaviors, action learning projects, peer coaching, and team project technical assistance.

tablegroupThe LHCD curriculum is anchored in the five elements found in the best leadership development programs, and focuses on:

  • Building participant leadership skills and capacity
  • Fostering collaborative leadership practices
  • Strengthening relationships and strategic partnerships across disciplines
  • Promoting healthy community design practices
  • Building capacity for effective and meaningful community engagement
  • Technical assistance for successful project development and implementation

LHCD 2.0 for 2017-2018

This year, the LHCD program is being integrated into and offered in conjunction with RIHEL’s flagship program the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP). This means that participants in LHCD are also participants in ALTP. Given this integration, every individual who wishes to participate in the LHCD program must complete the following two application elements by April 30th June 26th:

  1. The online ALTP application – Please NOTE that the regular application period has ended, but an extension has been granted, and those applying to LHCD-2.0 will be allowed access to the online application process.
  2. The LHCD application addendum

Applicants to LHCD are requested to apply as a three-member team (see program requirements).
Approximately three teams will be accepted into the Class of 2018.

NOTE: This program is made possible with funding from The Colorado Health Foundation. This funding also makes it possible to offer reduced tuition to all accepted participants.

Call 303-871-3550 with any questions about the Leadership for Healthy Community Design program or submit them in the contact form below.