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This two-session workshop explores fundamental coaching skills and practices that can be used to foster new thinking and insights, improve communications, build intrinsic motivation, and produce meaningful outcomes. We distinguish how coaching is different from other support roles such as mentoring, managing and consulting, and discuss the benefits of coaching, especially for those who lead or manage others. The workshop emphasizes three core coaching skills that heavily influence communication and relationship efficacy. The workshop also introduces the “GEM” coaching model, including options for how to frame and phrase questions powerfully to elicit new awareness, discovery and pathways for action and results. Workshop participants have the opportunity to observe a coaching demonstration, practice using coaching skills and the “GEM” coaching model, and receive constructive peer feedback to build and strengthen their coaching competencies.

As a result of these workshop sessions:

  • Participants can describe how coaching supports personal and professional potential
  • Participants are better prepared to generate coaching questions that support a coaching conversation
  • Participants can describe the framework of a coaching conversation
  • Participants are better prepared to use a coaching style when interacting with others

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: Four-Session Peer Coaching Package

Peer coaching offers a vaulable opportunity to reinforce what has been learned in the workshop while working on one's own goals and aspirations. All workshop participants have the option to add a four-session peer coaching package to their registration. The coaching sessions are an hour each and take place over the two to four months following the workshop. All RIHEL Peer Coaches are graduates of one of our comprehensive leadership programs and have been trained in the coaching constructs presented in this workshop.

  • Price of the four-session coaching package: $75 if purchased at the time you register for the workshop; $100 if purchased separately

Registration Fees:

  • Workshop Only: $150
  • Four-Session Coaching Package (if purchased when registering for the Coaching Workshop): $75
  • Four-Session Coaching Package (if purchased separately at a later date): $100

Workshop Dates:

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and current public health safety concerns, this workshop is only being offered via Zoom videoconference at this time. The workshop is limited to 25 participants and is delivered over two 2 1/2 hour sessions. Workshops sessions will NOT be recorded.

  • 2021 Dates and Time TBA
  • Coaching sessions are scheduled following the completion of the workshop


Leanne Jeffers, MPH, ACC, CMC

Program Director, Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership



The next workshop will be in 2021. Dates TBA.



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