ALTP Participant Projects

Participants engage in creative projects during the Program as a living laboratory in which to practice the leadership skills that they would like to enhance. Projects examples from previous years:

  1. One fellow developed an award-winning bilingual training video for community health workers in New Mexico. The video used real clinical experiences to train promotoras in proper foot examination techniques for patients with diabetes.
  2. Two fellows worked successfully to fund a state-wide home visiting program for new mothers and their infants.
  3. In a low-income urban area, 30% of the community experienced septic system failures, and hepatitis rates were high. One fellow used the collaborative process and team building skills to secure funding commitments for the creation of a modern waste disposal system for this community.
  4. A town in the region “floats” on its only source of viable drinking water. Over 300 auto services in the community pollute this water through ineffective disposal systems. One fellow made extensive use of the collaborative process to create a community plan and commitment to phase out these old systems and assure the water safety of the community.

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