Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP)

Program Overview


ALTP Class of 2016

The PURPOSE of the ALTP is to develop advanced knowledge and skills to increase
the capacity to lead intentionally in an increasingly complex and diverse context.

The Advanced Leadership Training Program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of the individual participants, and to create an interdisciplinary network of leaders who are dedicated to the health and environment of our region.

The program is delivered to approximately 45 health and environment professionals in the Rocky Mountain region annually. As of May 2016, we have completed 17 classes and graduated over 715 fellows from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Key program elements:

  • A year long program
  • Includes four 3-day events held at various locations in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming
  • Each participant completes a 360 degree assessment of personal leadership practices
  • A peer coach is provided to each participant
  • Participants initiate team or individual creative projects as living laboratories in which to practice leadership skills

Topics studied and practiced include:

  • Exemplary Leadership Practices
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Diversity Assets
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Peer Coaching
  • Intentional Action for Leaders
  • Systems Thinking
  • Communicating through the Media

Contact Jen Stachelski at 303-871-2097 or here through our contact form: