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Leadership Development and Networking Event

The purpose of this educational event is to provide a leadership development and networking opportunity for health and environment professionals in New Mexico. Persons from the surrounding region are welcome.

The goals for this event are to:

  • Develop leadership skills & competence
  • Stimulate dialog and reflection on leadership issues and concepts
  • Encourage networking
  • Build and strengthen the community of professionals connected to public and environmental health in our region

Who should attend?

This event draws people from a variety of diverse sectors and communities, and is intended for those who work to create and sustain the health and well being of people and the environment. It is intended for those who are interested in developing and refining their leadership skills. This event is OPEN to the PUBLIC. It is NOT limited to members of the host organizations or their graduates. Come one and all!

History of the Event:

In 2004, RIHEL began Autumn in Aspen as an annual continuing leadership education event for friends and alumni of our institute. This event in Albuquerque continues that tradition under the event name Leadership is for Everyone (LIFE) New Mexico, and for the first time includes Presbyterian Healthcare Services as a co-host, and special event sponsors in New Mexico.

LIFE NM Co-Hosts

The Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership (RIHEL)

The Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership (RIHEL)

Questions regarding the LIFE event?
Please contact us through the form below, or call us at 303-871-4252.