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Declaration of Support for the Governor’s Plan

The members present “declare support for the Governor of Colorado’s ‘State of Health’ platform and encourage other health professional organizations in our state to also declare their support for this plan; endeavor to collaborate with other health professionals – knowledgeable in the unique health concerns of our communities – on improving health outcomes; and endeavor to specifically work toward a goal of access to health and healthcare, including behavioral health for all children, in our communities and in our state.”

Members present include:

Senator Irene Aguilar
Bernadette Albanese
Susan Bauer
Amy Beeson
Deanna Chavez
Christine Ebert-Santos
Alfred Gilchrist
Jan Gillespie-Wagner
Susan Hemley
Amy Huebschmann
Enno Heuscher
Mark Johnson
Jan Kief
Richard Marquez
Kathleen Matthews
Christine Nevin-Woods
Jacinda Nicklas
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts
Lynn Parry
Warren Pettine
Judy Shlay
Julia Tanguay
Ben Vernon
Mark Wallace
Jack Westfall

Endorse the Governor’s Plan

To add an organizational or personal endorsement to the Declaration of Support for the Governor's Plan, contact Nanette Wong at the Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership.