Dawn Paepke

Senior Specialist Community Health & Engagement
Term ends: 12-31-22

Dawn Paepke is a Senior Specialist in Community Health & Engagement with Kaiser Permanente in northern Colorado. Dawn has over 20 years of experience working in leadership roles for nonprofits, in fundraising, marketing, sponsorships, grants, and management. Social justice, equity, and access to affordable health care are important to Dawn and she’s fortunate to do this work through her role at Kaiser Permanente. Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, is a 2017 ALTP graduate, and is working on a second Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Colorado State University. Dawn has been in Colorado since 1993, enjoys volunteering, reading, live music, running, and community development work. She’s also a disc jockey at 105.5 The Colorado Sound, a public radio station in northern Colorado.