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Current RIHEL Programs

Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP)

This is one of the main activities of the Institute. Approximately forty-five fellows participate in this year-long leadership learning experience. As of May 2014, we will have completed 16 classes and graduated over 640 fellows from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. This program is designed to help current and emerging leaders to understand their leadership behaviors, make use of the collaborative process to address complex problems, become proficient at coaching protégés and colleagues, and create a network of colleagues whose expertise they can draw upon in the decades to come. Please note that we will begin taking applications in January 2016 for the Class of 2016-2017. (Full program details…)

Advanced Physician Leadership Program (APLP)

RIHEL partnered with the Colorado Medical Society to deliver the second APLP cohort.  The program ran from June 2014 to March 2015, and included four retreats held in various locations throughout the state of Colorado. Physician participants in the program learned advanced concepts about leadership, collaboration and collaborative leadership, emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, and systems thinking, among others. (Additional program details…)

Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD)

RIHEL graduated the first cohort of the Leadership for Healthy Community Design (LHCD) program in September 2015. LHCD is an advanced training program for community teams in Colorado, and is centered on building leadership capacity to improve health through built environment initiatives. The program is delivered through 5 multi-day retreat training sessions and addresses the core themes of leadership, collaboration, community engagement, and healthy community design. Participants hone their leadership skills and knowledge of healthy community design , and implement leadership projects in their community that foster public and environmental health through the built environment. (Full program details…)