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Cultivating Our Leaders of Tomorrow

The workshop is capped off with an active demonstration of a leadership development technique called “Feedforward.” The “Feedforward” exercise is an input process that looks to the future, rather than to behaviors that have already happened in the past. Through this exercise, participants pick a behavior that they would like to change and then seek out suggestions from others in the workshop on how to do this. It is a fast-paced activity where people give and receive feedback multiple times to a variety of other participants. The people who participate in this exercise almost always say it was “great”, “energizing”, “useful” or “helpful.” The most common word mentioned to describe the experience is “fun!” The exercise includes the “Feedforward” interactions, followed by a large group debriefing of the experience and exploration into its use in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe four strategies for cultivating leadership in the workplace.
  • Identify up to seven practical, creative and affordable actions that can have a positive influence on efforts to cultivate leadership qualities in the public health workforce.
  • Apply the “Feed Forward” leadership development technique in their workplace.

Session Materials and Handouts:
Practical and Affordable Ways to Cultivate Leadership in Your Organization (PDF)