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Crucial Accountability Training


Crucial AccountabilityR
Tools For Resolving Broken Promises & Violated Expectations

July 18, 2013
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Golden, CO

One Day Workshop (Registration closes at noon on July 10th!)

Prerequisite: You must have already completed the Crucial Conversations Training with ANY certified trainer at ANY point prior to this workshop (even if it was just the day before). NOTE: this is a change to previous communications. Participants no longer need to wait 6 months before taking Crucial Accountability.

Imagine you have a colleague who’s missed a deadline or failed to stay on budget. You decide to say something by bringing your best crucial conversations skills into play. You stick to the facts while avoiding hasty and unflattering conclusions. Not a bad start. But the other person doesn’t quickly comply. Instead he makes excuses. Would you or the people you work with know what to do next in a manner that not only solves the problem but also improves the relationship?

This one-day course builds on the skills learned in Crucial Conversations and introduces a powerful set of new skills to resolve your most challenging accountability issues. It enables those who already have knowledge of crucial conversations skills to diagnose why someone keeps falling short of set expectations and then derive a plan that both motivates and enables the other person to successfully change his or her behaviors. These additional skills are perfect for crucial accountability conversations that seem resistant to dialogue skills alone.

This course teaches people at all levels of the organization—from leadership to frontline employees—how to:

  • Hold anyone accountable, regardless of position or personality
  • Begin any performance discussion on the right foot—avoiding defensiveness and costly arguments
  • Diagnose the underlying causes of misaligned or bad behavior
  • Motivate without using power and enable without taking over

Who should take this training?
This course is for you if you’ve been disappointed by others’ performance and want to be able to hold them accountable in a way that’s both firm and respectful. Or if you’re tired of working in an environment where goals are set and assignments are given, and then people treat their assignments as rough guidelines rather than firm commitments. Or perhaps in your own work group failed deadlines are met with hostile looks and vague comments instead of honest, direct discussion. In short, if you want to learn how to hold others accountable, or as a leader you want to help create a culture where everyone speaks honestly, clearly, and respectfully about violated expectations, this course is your next logical choice.

This one-day, extremely interactive program utilizes many learning modalities including observation, individual and group reflection, skill practice, small and large group discussion and lecturette.


American Mountaineering Center
710 10th Street
Golden, CO 80401