Chrissy Chard, PhD

Director, Advanced Leadership Training Program, Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership

Dr. Chrissy Chard (she/her) is the incoming director of RIHEL’s Advanced Leadership Training Program. Between 2015-2022 she was a professor in the department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University, as well as with the Department of Community and Behavioral Health with the Colorado School of Public Health. Her public health practice and research interests include physical activity, self-esteem and body image in adolescent girls, as well as tailoring programming using Community-based Participatory Research. Dr. Chard has a strong interest in uncovering the ways that racism, structural bias, and social inequities continue to impact health disparities, as well as a commitment to exploring and disrupting how whiteness and white supremacy show up in public health. Dr. Chard has taught various graduate courses including Social and Community Factors in Health, Public Health Leadership, and Foundations of Anti-Oppressive Public Health Practice and Research.

She also co-founded and runs a non-profit organization for middle school students called Smart Fit Girls, which is dedicated to supporting the social, emotional and physical health and well-being among adolescents. Most recently, Chrissy has also begun a parent coaching practice, whereby she supports and guides parents to show up as the conscious and intentional parents they want to be.

Originally from Denver, she has many years of experience in health behavior change and wellness coaching. She deeply values her close community of family and friends, as well as moving her body in ways that feel good. She loves spending time with her partner and three kiddos, Lucy, Jack and Jordan.