Colfax Relay Teams

    What is a relay team?

    The full marathon course is divided into five shorter legs that are each run by a different member of a 5-person relay team.  The distances of the legs range from about 3 miles to 6.5 miles. Relay Race Details

    Why join a relay team?

    Running with a relay team is a great way to be a part of the big event without having to run the full 26.2 miles yourself.  Plus, we plan to have several relay teams, so you will have other RIHEL teammates to hang out with during the race.  It’s great fun, and our relay organizer handles all of the logistics for you, making it really easy for you.  Oh, and have we mentioned how much fun it is?  Truly, you will have a great time.

    How do I join a relay team?

    Fill out the online sign up sheet. Our RIHEL relay organizer, Leanne, will follow up with you with more details. All confirmed relay runners will be registered for the race by Leanne, so they will not need to do so themselves.

    How do I know which distance or leg of the relay I will run?

    You can request the leg that best suits your interest.

    What if I’m not a very fast runner, or I’ve never done a race or relay before?

    No problem! Our teams are not about running for speed or time. It’s about being on a team, moving our bodies, having a good time, and pursuing our own personal challenges and goals. If you’ve never run a race before, let alone a relay, this is great way to start. There’s lots of support, encouragement and camaraderie.

    What if I’m not ready to join, but just have questions?

    If you’re curious about the relay or just have questions, please fill out the contact form below.  There’s no commitment in filling out our contact form.  It just lets us know that you might be interested.  Believe us, no one ever ended up running a relay by accident.

    What if I already have assembled and/or registered a relay team?

    If you’ve already assembled a whole team and would like to run on behalf of RIHEL, well… WOOHOO!  The team captain needs to select RIHEL as your Charity Partner on the race registration site. After that, please create a fundraising page (for your team, and/or for each individual runner), and please contact Leanne through the form below to ensure that your team is linked with RIHEL.

    Vounteer for RIHEL – Colfax Marathon

    Thinking about volunteering to support Team RIHEL at the Denver Colfax Marathon? Wonderful! We can definitely use extra hands to support our runners as they prepare for their race, and on race day. Volunteer activities include:


    Help our Team RIHEL runners celebrate their races, and have fun playing with race day attendees. Take a shift (or two) at our Charity Partner Village tent where you will welcome our Team RIHEL members, hand out a few give-aways, and host our over-sized leadership “Jenga” game. It’s a fun way to be involved with the marathon if you’re not running or walking a race. Plus, the team runners really appreciate the home-base that you provide after their run, and they will definitely leave you inspired.



    Do you use social media regularly? Love connecting with people through social media messages, images and videos? Join our Team RIHEL social media team and help us promote the Colfax Marathon, Team RIHEL and our team members, running and social meet-ups, and volunteer opportunities. If you choose this volunteer activity, RIHEL will follow up with you with more details.


    Please complete the online signup form, and we’ll follow up with more details.

    Denver Colfax Marathon

    Run, walk, or volunteer on behalf of RIHEL at the 2018 Colorado Colfax Marathon – May 19th & 20th

    Denver’s Colfax Marathon offers something for everyone! This 2-day running event includes 7 different races, ranging from a 5K to a full marathon. Plus, you can run on behalf of your favorite charity. For example, RIHEL! We’re proud to be a returning Charity Partner for the 2018 event.

    RIHEL Gave Me Confidence to Run My First Marathon

    RIHEL Gave Me Confidence to Run My First Marathon

    On October 15, 2017 Rachel Jervis completed her first marathon. She says the RIHEL Advanced Leadership Training Program gave her the confidence to go for it. Read Rachel's story here.


    Questions?  Please use the form to the right to contact us.