Alumna Receives Prestigious Award for Building Stronger Communities

julissa-soto-awardIn March 2015, Julissa Soto, Director of Latino Initiatives for the American Diabetes Association, received the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s prestigious William Funk Award for Building Stronger Communities for her work helping the immigrant community. Congratulations Julissa!

The William Funk Award recognizes exceptional leaders who are capable of bringing together communities to define and solve problems. Soto’s dynamic leadership and extensive outreach efforts allow the Association to reach 70,000+ Latinos each year to provide culturally competent, linguistically appropriate health education and disease prevention services. “I am honored to receive this award and work with many great organizations, but realize there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Soto. “My community is ready for the changes happening in the state. My job is to be the voice and face of those who feel they can’t speak up to improve healthcare for the immigrant community. I look forward to continuing this important work.”

Julissa Soto is an alumna of the Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP) Class of 2011.