Vision for Superfund Site Comes Alive in Libby, MT

A RIHEL alumna’s vision for stakeholder engagement in the redevelopment of a recently completed Superfund Site comes to life in Libby, Montana.

For 18 years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been conducting asbestos cleanups in Libby, Montana as part of the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site. In September of 2016, the EPA determined that the 400-acre industrial park owned by the Lincoln County Port Authority was complete. As an EPA Remedial Project Manager assigned to the Libby Site, Dania Zinner chose to focus her RIHEL leadership project on the community planning efforts for this property. Dania’s vision, and the vision shared by her project partners, was to engage all stakeholders in a collaborative event to discuss the economic redevelopment of the Port Authority property, with the intention that these discussions would result in a long-term vision and action plan for the site. This vision came alive on November 9th, 2017, when Dania Zinner and her colleagues brought together multiple local stakeholders and nearby redevelopment experts from other communities for a redevelopment event to discuss this property. The event was well received by the community and reported on in several media outlets. A quote from the story aired on KPAX TV on November 10th, nicely summarizes the value and importance of this collaborative community engagement:

“One of the biggest things that came out of this was the incredible importance of working together in this community, our different entities, our different public agencies and entities to leverage all our resources, assents, strengths to move forward on this,”     -Tina Oliphant, Director, Lincoln County Port Authority

Congratulations to Dania and her partners! We know that the planning process is just getting underway, and we wish you and the community in Libby the greatest success.

Dania Zinner is a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Training Program Class of 2017, and Project Manager in the Superfund Remedial Program at EPA Region VIII.

Additional coverage of the event (article in the Missoulian by James Grunke)