RIHEL Sponsors & Donors

RIHEL is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Colorado.

RIHEL graduates and other friends provide unrestricted, on-going support to help RIHEL through the uncertainties of work in the non-profit sector. Join the RIHEL 100!

The Colorado Health Foundation has provided generous support to RIHEL at several times in our history. We are grateful to the Colorado Health Foundation not only for their financial support, but for their vision of health which we enthusiastically share.  The Colorado Health Foundation and Kaiser Permanente have provided support for the Leadership for Healthy Community Design Program.  This program improves the health of people and the environment by building the capacity of Colorado communities to lead, plan and execute healthy community design projects.

In partnership with the Colorado Medical Society, RIHEL has delivered the Advanced Physicians’ Leadership Program (APLP) with funding from The Physicians Foundation and The Colorado Health Foundation.  This program helps physician leaders to advocate for expanded and sustained access to health in Colorado.  APLP was launched earlier with support from The Colorado Trust as part of their Building Public Will to Achieve Access to Health initiative.

Community Investment USA of Encana Oil and Gas has been a generous supporter of RIHEL’s Advanced Leadership Training Program (ALTP). In addition to financial support from the corporation, Encana employees have participated as ALTP fellows for several years, make charitable contributions to RIHEL as part of a corporate matching program, and volunteer as peer coaches to fellows in the ALTP. The generosity of the corporation and its employees to leadership development for the health and environment of our region is a model of effective community investment from the private sector.

RIHEL is also pleased to partner with the Colorado Kids 1st License Plate Program (a program of the Rocky Mountain Research & Prevention Institute) to promote the health and safety of Colorado children.  Through the Colorado Kids 1st Fund, RIHEL received an award to support the partial tuition for one ALTP fellow who will conduct a leadership project to address health promotion and/or injury prevention for children living in the state of Colorado.

The Institute has received generous support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal Region VIII offices of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As RIHEL serves health and environment professionals from Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, their state departments of public health and environment have been continuous partners whose direction and partnership we value, and whose employees comprise our largest constituent group.

Historically, the Rose Community Foundation has generously supported RIHEL operations at critical times, which has allowed us to move our health agenda forward when we needed support the most. ASTHO previously acted as a fiscal agent for the Institute, and the Health One Alliance and Lutheran Medical Center Foundation provided support in our early years. Kodak Colorado, now Kodak Alaris, has been RIHEL’s most generous corporate donor. In 2005, the RIHEL Governing Board proudly honored Kodak with our distinguished Corporate Leadership Award for Kodak’s significant contribution to the promotion of leadership among current and emerging leaders in the health and environmental professions in the Rocky Mountain region.

RIHEL has benefited from the gifts of time from dozens of volunteers over the years, not the least of which are the hundreds of hours (valuing tens of thousands of dollars) contributed by our Governing Board. In-kind as well as monetary contributions have been given by many individuals, including Mr. John Fielder who donated the profits of the sales of many of his books to RIHEL. The donated auction gifts, refreshments for meetings, and personal checks of many supporters are significant and contribute meaningfully to our success and our fiscal viability. Thank you to all of our contributors.

The RIHEL faculty, staff, board, graduates and beneficiaries of all of our programs are sincerely grateful for the vision and generosity of all of our sponsors, partners and friends. We would not exist with out you. The depth of our appreciation is great.

RIHEL Sponsors

Trailhead Institute
The Colorado Health Foundation
CO Trust