Past Activites

Leadership for Resilience is another of the Institute’s year-long leadership programs. It is designed to address the severe nursing shortage facing Colorado. The Institute is using a team approach to address the complex challenges we face in nursing. The team consists of diverse health care and management professionals, each with unique experiences and skills that can be employed to design innovative solutions. The teams will work closely with faculty and coaches to learn and incorporate the fundamentals of leadership, collaboration, and teamwork into a project they design to address the nursing retention challenges within their organizations.

The Public Health Internet Training (PHIT) course was created to help professionals throughout the health and environment workforce to make better use of the internet to enhance their ability to protect and promote public health and the environment. A special library of powerful websites accompanies the PHIT course on the Institute website.

Two manuals are available from the Institute and can be downloaded from the Institute website. They are workbooks to accompany the PHIT course and the Institute training on Coaching. They are informative and useful resources regardless of whether a person has taken these Institute trainings.

Alumni symposia that address areas of health or environment controversy are held each year. In 2003 an alumni-led symposium on genetically modified foods attracted 100 participants.

The Institute also addresses leadership training needs for select, special groups. Currently the Institute is creating curricula on Crisis Leadership for all-hazards responders, and provides leadership training for maternal and child health professionals in the summer institute of the Rocky Mountain Public Health Education Consortium.