Institute Activities

The Advanced Leadership Training Program is the flagship activity of the Institute. Approximately forty-five fellows participate in this year-long leadership learning experience. This program is designed to help current and emerging leaders to understand their leadership behaviors, use advanced techniques (such as leading the collaborative process) to address complex problems, become proficient at coaching protégés and colleagues, and create a network of colleagues whose expertise they can draw upon in the decades to come.

The Advanced Physician’s Leadership Program is conducted in close partnership with the Colorado Medical Society. About 40 physicians are accepted into this year-long program modeled after RIHEL’s Advanced Leadership Training Program. These Colorado doctors learn about exemplary leadership practices, collaboration and teamwork, emotional intelligence, negotiation, coaching, and systems thinking. They participate in 360º evaluations and other rigorous assessments.

The Leadership for Healthy Community Design Program is focused on improving the health of people and the environment by building the capacity of Colorado communities to lead, plan and execute healthy community design initiatives or projects.  The program brings together 6-9 geographically-based and multi-disciplinary teams representing communities around Colorado to develop their leadership capacity and explore practical approaches to healthy community design.  The program curriculum includes fundamental leadership skills, collaborative practices, communication skills, teamwork, meaningful community engagement, health equity and environmental Justice, healthy community design principles and practices, and team coaching. In addition, each program team develops and implements a project or initiative that requires their leadership, and addresses a built environment issue in their community through healthy community design principles.