2006 Public Health

Lucille Johnson, Center for African-American Health

Nominated By: Shawn Davis, Consultant to Philanthropy
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Lucille Johnson serves as the Director of Health Initiatives at The Center for African-American Health at the Metro Denver Black Church Initiative and is responsible for providing overall operational leadership for all health programs and services provided by the Center. As Shawn Davis, Lucille’s nominator wrote,

“In over ten years of working with communities, I have known other leaders with talent equivalent to Lucille’s. Many of them lacked her good nature and humility, and few demonstrated the genuine commitment to the community that Lucille has exhibited over and over — a commitment that is often accompanied by her excitement or enthusiasm and an uncanny ability to encourage the heart.
Lucille continues to impress me with her knowledge, skill and dedication to public health and eliminating health disparities in the African American community.  I’m sure you will find her to be an alumnus whose leadership will only shine further if she is given a 2006 Excellence in Leadership Alumni Award.  It is my hope that you will recognize Lucille Johnson for dedication to the field of public health, serving as an exemplary leader, and serving as one of RIHEL most productive alumni in the community.”
It was her dedication to Public Health and her exemplary leadership that earned Lucile Johnson the 2006 RIHEL “Excellence in Leadership” Alumni Award.